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Monday, April 4, 2011

Mudroom/Laundry Makeover

I love my house, except this one room. It is so small. This is our Laundry room and our mudroom. We walk from the garage into the house through this hall serves as both. Too small for both, but what do you do! I had this big black shelve hanging on the white wall. The shelve served a good purpose and I liked it but it made the room seem even smaller. When we had our third baby I said it was time for the shelve to go, plus we needed more hooks!

We came up with this. I painted this one wall a burnt orange. Got left over bead board and molding and painted them brown. We hung the bead board up first, trying to hit as many studs as we could. Then my hubs hung the molding around the bead board and added 6 hooks! I love it, the room feels so much more open and no more bruises on the top of my head from hitting the big shelve! I knew I needed some sort of label above my hooks but it took me a long time to come up with one!

This is what I did. I have seen it around so I just plotted it to fit my space! Printed it in white and hung it up!
The finished look! Coats and all!

My label is 15.5 in x 42 in $25
this label can be formatted to fit into most spaces

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Clisty said...

Way cute Kass! I love it!! I bet it does make that room seem bigger!
Here's a hint....lol...